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The desire to create comfortable and visually pleasing living spaces has existed for centuries. Creativity is the most important skill an interior designer can possess. A designer also needs to be responsive to client wants, have communication skills and create in diverse styles.

With over 30 years of experience Eliana de Leon brings a strong sense of color, texture, pattern and proportion to her projects. She embraces the idea of eclecticism to create dynamic environments. For example, a classical vase can be placed with Baroque art and antique Moroccan pillows can sit on a modern sofa.

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Eliana's projects cover a spectrum of budgets; everything does not need to be done at the same level of richness. Mixing old and new, high cost and low cost creates contrast and, therefore, creates interest.

Interior design services range from limited changes to complete renovations and the fee is based on the complexity of the project. Additionally, Eliana can assess clients' current design and recommend improvements. Services are available in Los Angeles, throughout the Central Coast, and San Francisco. (5 hour minimum.)

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Eliana de Leon, Interior Designer Eliana de Leon, Interior Designer

Email: elianainde@gmail.com
Paso Robles, CA: (805) 237-0011
Los Angeles, CA: (310) 503-4465
Website: www.elianainteriordesign.com
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